Italian artist Matilde Cassani creates a veritable sunset made with glitter

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Italian artist Matilde Cassani creates a veritable sunset made with glitter

Sunset by Matilde Cassani is now on view at Rome's Cantiere Galli Design through April. (Silvana Spera)

A glittery exhibition at Rome’s new interior design center, Cantiere Galli Design, presents a dreamlike landscape constructed within the confines of a small room. Sunset, designed by up-and-coming Italian artist Matilde Cassani, is a site-specific project that invites visitors to step into another shiny, immersive dimension.

The piece is part of an ongoing series set up within the two-year-old show space called A room of one’s own. For her contribution, Cassani placed traditional furniture pieces sparingly within the room while covering the walls with a shimmery gold palette. At the center of the space is a minimalistic table holding up a mirror that reflects a hanging curtain depicting a yellow sun on the back wall. On top of the table are sprinkled shards of vibrantly colored paper that add another layer of pop to space.

Sunset Matilde Cassani
Set inside a minimalist space, the exhibition focuses on the visitor’s traceable experience with the glittery sunset. (Silvana Spera)

The whole room, a large abstract setup, is meant to seduce people immediately upon entering.

“Visitors, attracted by the sleek, ultra-glossy surfaces, leave a trace when they run their fingers on every smooth texture,” said Cassani. “The sunset is thus ever-changing, transforming daily, as each visitor passes by.”

Sunset Matilde Cassani
Photo of artist Matilde Cassani in the Sunset installation (Silvana Spera)

Cassani’s piece is the successor to Andrea Anastasio’s vision for A room of one’s own. Both artists were asked during the 2019 season to design their concepts around the theme of “leaving a trace,” which was chosen by curator Domitilla Dardi.

“The spaces we live in are far from being tidy, perfect, and neat like the ones we see on magazines or ads,” he said in a statement. “The spaces we live in are a reflection of our imperfect and of its extraordinary uniqueness. ‘To live means to leave traces’ said Walter Benjamin.”

Sunset by Matilde Cassani opened in late November and is on view through April 2019 at Cantiere Galli Design in Rome, Italy.