AN’s 2020 gift guide has everything the modern architect needs

Everything you’ll want this holiday season

AN’s 2020 gift guide has everything the modern architect needs

Everything you need for the modern design professional. (Wikimedia Commons)

For anyone wondering what to get that colleague, boss, or staff intern this holiday season, look no further than AN’s 2020 gift guide. We’ve compiled the best deals, steals, and even some things with wheels for a year that a little retail therapy is just what the doctor ordered. No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, these design-forward gifts are sure to be a perfect fit.

Of course, we can’t simply pretend that isn’t a year full of heartbreak, loss, and the disruption of the typical office paradigm. That’s why AN has put together a list of more practical, affordable suggestions for the professional or design enthusiast stuck working from home.

Under $50

Rollbahn Notebooks (Small) | $7

a notebook
The Rollbahn small notebook in blue. (Courtesy Walker Art)

Good things fit in small pockets. This notebook is perfectly shaped to slide right into the pocket of most blazers or coat pockets, fits a pen in the spiral, and has grid-lined pages that hold up really well. They also come in a range of colored covers. 

Deem Journal
Deem |MSRP $25

Photo of the first issue of Deem
Writer and facilitator adrienne maree brown on the cover of the first issue of Deem. (Courtesy Deem Journal)

This new design magazine brings a balance of architecture and design to a more human level with a look into some of the leading personalities and voices in the field today. Read our interview with the founders on their first issue here.

Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Altas

By Rebecca Solnit and Joshua Jelly-Shapiro
University of California Press |MSRP $29.95

Cover of Nonstop Metropolis A New York City Atlas
Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Atlas (Courtesy University of California Press)

Told through a series of innovative and interesting maps, atlases, and insightful characters, this book shows the layers of the city as detailed by various photographers, cartographers, and locals over the years.

Paris Texas Scented Candle
Medium Dark | $39

a candle
Paris Texas candle from Medium Dark. (Courtesy Medium Dark)

Moroccan rose, Bulgarian rose, Texas cedar, and vanilla are just some of the bolder notes in this hand-crafted candle. It adds a warm, welcoming scent perfect to relax with over a glass of wine. 

Moka Espresso Maker
Alessi |MSRP $45 for 3-Pot Model


a Moka pot
A Moka pot designed by David Chipperfield for Alessi. (Courtesy Alessi)

Make coffee at home now and forever with this David Chipperfield–designed refresh of the classic Moka pot from 2019. Tired of looking at the same la cupola coffee making tower? Then this is an attractive, understated alternative.

HAY Neon Tube Light
HAY | MSRP $50

HAY Neon Tube Light
HAY Neon Tube Light (Courtesy HAY)

Cast a funky, atmospheric glow over your next Zoom meeting with this versatile, lightsaber-esque LED lamp from HAY that can either be hung or propped up against a wall. Available in several different mood-setting colors, this tubular light source measures nearly five-feet-long.

Over $50

KonMari x Hibi Matches
KonMari |MSRP $60

hibi matches
KonMari x Hibi Matches. (Courtesy KonMari)

These matches work wonders. They strike on the box and are left out for 10 minutes of a soothing aroma before burning to fine dust. Perfect for small spaces or to pack in a bag for a hotel room. For the holiday season, they also make for a perfectly-sized stocking stuffer. 

By Enzo Mari
Corraini | $65

Autoprogettazione by Enzo Mari. (Courtesy Corriani)

An expert guide for constructing simple, modern furniture during a time when we’re all stuck inside. This book is perfect for the architect, designer, or enthusiast who wants to make their own functional, cheap furniture at home, while also recognizing the memory of the late, great Enzo Mari.

Epicurean x Frank Lloyd Wright Utensils and Serving Board
Crate and Barrel |MSRP $75 and $80, separately

kitchen utensils
Frank Lloyd Wright x Epicurean Utensils. (Courtesy Crate and Barrel)

If your serving utensils need a refresh after seeing an unusual amount of action in home cooking-heavy 2020, consider adding this five-piece set of implements etched with Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired geometric designs to your holiday wish list. Made from durable, dishwasher-safe Richlite, the utensils have the look and feel of wood. Complementary cut-and-serve boards in various sizes are also available.

Atelier YUL Design Tools
The Atelier YUL |MSRP $85

design tools
A new set of design tools from Atelier YUL. (Courtesy Atelier YUL)

Whether they help brighten up an office workstation or offer a second pair for working from home or on the go, this set of design tools adds a great pop of color and design to any bland office setup.

Double Row Spiked Bracelet
Amythyst by Ashley |MSRP $100

a bracelet
A spiked bracelet from Amythyst by Ashley. Courtesy (Amythyst by Ashley)

This dynamic, design-forward bracelet comes in gold, black, or gold and black. The geometric look adds a sharpened edge to any outfit from the boardroom to the dining room (which is also the board room these days between 10 AM and 6 PM).

Over $100

Marshall Stockwell II Speaker
Marshall |MSRP $189.90

a marshall speaker
The revised Marshall Stockwell ii boats a taller profile and a handle. (Courtesy Marshall)

This small, portable speaker is easy to pack in a bag or carry from the convenient strap. Like all Marshall speakers, it’s a brand that stands up to most wear and tear and is a regular go-to for professionals. Expect up to 20 hours of playback on a single charge.

TOKYO Citizen Folding Bicycle
Citizen |MSRP $289

a folding bicycle
TOKYO Citizen Folding Bicycle. (Courtesy Citizen)

Great for getting out and about when the gym is closed. Its low-profile, low-weight design is easy to carry around. Plus, it’s a stylish step above other folding bikes at a similar price point.

GEFORCE RTX 3070 Founder’s Edition
Nvidia |MSRP $499

A silver graphics card
The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Founders Edition (Courtesy Nvidia)

Everyone is working from home for the foreseeable future, so why not upgrade their (or your) PC with a budget-sensible new graphics card? Good for work and play (including rendering and real-time ray tracing, and gaming up to 4k), and the Founders Edition is a study in industrial design. It’ll rip through video encoding too, making it a great pick for the creative professional in your life. Good luck getting your hands on one, though, as the pandemic has seriously tightened the supply.