Venice Architecture Biennale announces firms and individuals exhibiting as Special Projects and Special Participations

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Venice Architecture Biennale announces firms and individuals exhibiting as Special Projects and Special Participations

(Kasa Fue/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0)

As its May opening date nears closer, the Venice Architecture Biennale has announced information on what will be on view at one of the design world’s largest events. In its 18th iteration, this year’s programming will respond to the theme The Laboratory of the Future and will look at Africa; it is curated by Ghanaian-Scottish architect and academic Lesley Lokko. The event will run from May 20 through November 26.

In a recent announcement, the Biennale shared that of the 89 participants staging work at the architectural showcase, over half are from Africa or the African Diaspora. Programming for The Laboratory of the Future comprises two main stagings: Force Majeure in the Central Pavilion and Giardini, and Dangerous Liaisons in the Arsenale and Corderie.

Additionally, a series of Special Projects in the Arsenale and Giardini are organized under four themes: Food, Agriculture & Climate Change; Gender & Geography; Mnemonic; and Guests from the Future. Among the firms and individuals displaying as Special Projects are Ines Weizman of Forensic Architecture, architect and educator Yolande Daniels, Adjaye Associates, and Höweler + Yoon. A full list of those exhibiting as Special Projects is reproduced below.

Three exhibitions from individuals and firms will be installed at the Arsenale as Special Participations; these projects are also reproduced below.

AN will follow up to share plans for the national pavilions that will be on view in May as part of the festivities.

More information and details on the Venice Architecture Biennale can be found here.

The Laboratory of the Future

Special Projects:

Food, Agriculture & Climate Change
(Arsenale, Artiglierie)

1. BothAnd Group (Dublin, Ireland)
Jarek Adamczuk, Alice Clarke, Andrew Ó Murchú, Kate Rushe

2. Gloria Pavita (Cape Town, Republic of South Africa)

3. Margarida Waco (Stockholm, London)

Gender & Geography
(Arsenale, Artiglierie)

1. Caroline Wanjiku Kihato (Nairobi, Kenya); Mareli Stolp (Pretoria, Republic of South Africa); Clare Loveday (Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa)

2. Gugulethu Sibonelelo Mthembu (Johannesburg)

3. Ines Weizman (London)

4. J. Yolande Daniels (New York, Boston, Los Angeles)

(Arsenale, Artiglierie)

5. Adjaye Associates (Accra, Ghana; London; New York)
David Adjaye with Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi, India

6. Craig McClenaghan Architecture (Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa)
Craig McClenaghan

7. Looty (London, UK)
Chidirim Nwaubani

8. Studio & and Höweler + Yoon (New York, Boston)
Mabel Wilson, Meejin Yoon, Eric Höweler  in collaboration with Josh Begley and Gene Han

Guests from the Future
(Arsenale, Artiglierie)

9. Anusha Alamgir (London; Dhaka, Bangladesh; New York)

10. Arinjoy Sen (London)

11. Aziza Chaouni Projects (Fez, Morocco; Toronto)
Aziza Chaouni

12. Black Females in Architecture (London)
Akua Danso, Selasi Setufe, Neba Sere, Ama Ofori-Darko

13. Courage Dzidula Kpodo with Postbox Ghana (Accra, Ghana; Boston; Milan)
Courage Kpodo, Manuela Nebuloni, Nana Ofosu Adjei

14. Dele Adeyemo (London; Lagos, Nigeria)
Olubamidele Adeyemo

15. Elementerre with Nzinga Biegueng Mboup and Chérif Tall (Dakar, Gandigal, Senegal)
Doudou Deme, Nzinga Biegueng Mboup, Chérif Tall

16. Ibiye Camp (London)

17. Juergen Strohmayer and Glenn DeRoché (Accra, Ghana)
Juergen Strohmayer, Glenn DeRoché

18. Lauren-Loïs Duah (London)

19. Miriam Hillawi Abraham (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

20. MOE+ Art Architecture (Lagos, Nigeria)
Papa Omotayo Mosun Ogunbanjo, Dami Akinniyi

21. New South (Paris)
Meriem Chabani, John Edom

22. Rashid Ali Architects (Hargeisa, Somaliland; London)
Rashid Ali

(Giardini, Central Pavilion)

23. Ainslee Alem Robson (Los Angeles)

24. Banga Colectivo (Luanda, Angola; Lisbon)
Yolana Lemos, Kátia Mendes, Elsimar Freitas, Mamona Duca; Gilson Mendes

25. Blac Space (Johannesburg)
Kgaugelo Lekalakala

26. Cartografia Negra (São Paulo)
Raissa de Oliveira, Carolina Vieira; Pedro Alves

27. Faber Futures (London)
Natsai Audrey Chieza

28. Folasade Okunribido (London)

29. Riff Studio (New York)
Rekha Auguste-Nelson, Farnoosh Rafaie, Isabel Strauss

30. Tanoa Sasraku (London)

Special Participations:

1. Amos Gitai (Paris; Haifa, Israel and internationally)

2. James Morris (Bwlchllan, Wales, UK)

3. Lionheartfelt (London)
Rhael “LionHeart” Cape