Pictorial> Jim Kazanjian's Victorian Apocalypse

Pictorial> Jim Kazanjian's Victorian Apocalypse

Untitled (House), 2006. (Jim Kazanjian)
Untitled (house), 2006. (Jim Kazanjian)

Jim Kazanjian doesn’t make photographs of buildings, he makes photographs into buildings. His assemblages of “found” structures create fantastic worlds that resemble the post-civilization wreckage of 19th century England.  Through the collapse of time and expansion of space, each collage tells an eerie story about making the familiar unfamiliar.

Untitled (Tomb), 2012. (Jim Kazanjian)


Kazanjian works as a CG artist for companies such as Nike, Adidas, NBC, CBS, HBO, NASA, HP, Intel, and others, but in his spare time, he uses these talents to create digital images that resemble early twentieth century analog stills.  Some compositions require up to 50 photographs, but none use a camera as part of the process. It is a haunting, timeless collection which he describes as “hyper-collage.”

While the results offer a glimpse into the artist’s imagination, the process offers architects another weapon for exploration. By piecing together existing pictures into something so radically different, the artist has broken from the restraints of photography, and can create whatever he can imagine. It is a technique which holds much potential.

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