Somewhere Over the Rainbow: The Pantone Hotel opens in Brussels

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: The Pantone Hotel opens in Brussels

Winter months in the Benelux countries are not known for blue skies and bright sun. So perhaps there’s an altruistic underpinning to the design of the new 59-room Pantone Hotel in Brussels. Did architect Olivier Hannaert and interior designer Michel Pennemann seek to lift the seasonally-depressed spirits of the populace through the colorful palette? We’d like to think so, although the relentless branding campaign by the client raises a smidgen of doubt.

To wit:

The Pantone roller bag won’t get lost in the sea of black Tumi bags on the luggage carousel.

Trundle down the hall, and find your color-coded room:

Key fobs graphically remind you where you are—if that’s necessary:

Once inside, the bed linens resemble a color chip; the walls, even more so:

Room service! Maybe a spot of tea will help you feel at home:

Expecting visitors? Invite them to pull up a chair:

Unpacked, it’s time to go explore the city. What better means of transportation—conveniently available through the front desk—could there possibly be, to best appreciate the local architecture than a two-wheeled color swatch?

And in case you’ve forgotten a toiletry essential, never fear—Pantone is here (and increasingly everywhere).