AN's highlights from the opening of Burning Man

Black Rock City

AN's highlights from the opening of Burning Man

A structure by David Moreno and Miguel Arraiz. (Via

The Architect’s Newspaper (AN) will be posting images all week from Burning Man, which just started in the Nevada desert. AN is being represented by Andrew Krebs of SOM’s Los Angeles office; he’s been supplying us with images and videos. Scroll down to see more! We’ll post more as we receive updates.

This sculpture features moving gears and rotates 360 degrees. (Courtesy Andrew Krebs)

Space Whale, a piece by Matt Shultz, weighs 35,000 pounds, rises 50 feet tall, and features stained glass panels. (Courtesy Andrew Krebs)

This library has also been built; reportedly, its books will be removed before it’s burnt. (Courtesy Andrew Krebs)

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, largest pyramid of this instillation—dubbed Catacomb of Veils—will be 50 feet tall and 200 feet wide. The Giza-inspired project is being led by San Francisco-based architect Dan Sullivan. (Courtesy Andrew Krebs)

The Black Rock Lighthouse Service, which will serve as a bright beacon within Burning Man, was funded on Indiegogo. (Courtesy Andrew Krebs)

Other highlights from Instagram:

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